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Electrical System

Techmation has launched Linux panel
· HMI built-in more than 29 languages
· Software,including monitoring data,Molding data storage, Alarm records,10 historical injection curves……


Clamping Unit

· Opitimized platen design with high rigidity and enlarged space between tie bars.
· European platen layout with both T-slot and tap holes. Locating design in moving platen is more suitable for various molds.


Injection Unit

· High quality linear motion(LM)guide ensures injection smoothly and accurately
· High speed and high pressure adopt special injection design, improves injection speed
· Twin nozzle cylinder ensures more even……


Hydraulic System

· The double proportional compound valve control system pressure and flow, high sensitivity and stability
· Adopt the imported pump, low noise, long lifetime, stable performance


Servo Controller Part

· High Precise Control
· High Sensitive Response
· Low Noise
· Enery-Saving
· The Cooling Water Saving