• MI Power Strip (3 USB Output)

    Main Features:

    ● Sleek White Design,3 Power Sockets And 3 Usb Ports with 2.4A Quick Charging Function;
    ● Phosphor Bronze Terminal, Copper Bar Connectivity System ,Independent Safety Doors To Keep Children Away From The Risk of Electric Shock;
    ● Subtle And Elegant Blue Power Indicator Light Shows Working Status;
    ● 100 – 220V Full Voltage Range,Pass Through Plug Test(5000 Times) ,Non-Slip Pads On Four Feet;
    ● Grind Frosting Top Surface And Mirror Polishing Treatment On Side Surface,Nice Appearance And Simple for Home Use And Decoration.

    Warranty : 3 Months Replacement
    ৳ 999.00৳ 1,149.00

    MI Power Strip (3 USB Output)

    ৳ 999.00৳ 1,149.00
  • Mi Power Strip 3 USB EU Plug

    ● Compact design, keeping ample spaces while plugging
    ● Each socket boasts an individual safety gate, ensuring the highest security
    ● One button switch control system for simple operation
    ● Anti-skid foot pad and mat at the screw position for firm fixation
    ● Hook welding and double spot welding process for long service

    Warranty : 3 Months Replacement
    ৳ 1,000.00৳ 1,249.00

    Mi Power Strip 3 USB EU Plug

    ৳ 1,000.00৳ 1,249.00
  • MI WiFi Power Strip (6 Point)

    ● Original Xiaomi charging power strip for daily use
    ● Wifi connection for remote control, setting the turn on and turn off time through mobile phones or Pad
    ● With self-study function, record the regulation of using electricity, and auto-power on in period of power consumption time and auto-power off in sleeping time
    ● APP timing and delay
    ● Household appliances power detection for power saving
    ● Flexible charging, it is very convenient to use
    ● Overload protection, electric leakage detection, safe to use

    Warranty : 3 Months Replacement
    ৳ 1,400.00৳ 1,500.00

    MI WiFi Power Strip (6 Point)

    ৳ 1,400.00৳ 1,500.00
  • MI WiFi Socket (Basic )

    Main Features:
    • Original Xiaomi mi smart WiFi socket for daily use
    • Mobile phone remote control
    • Overload protection, safe to use
    • High temperature resistant
    • LED indicator
    • Timing switch
    • Easy to use stand-alone application
    • It is small and light weight, intelligent and safe, you can take it along during your travel
    • Suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, cooker, etc.

    Warranty : 3 Months Replacement
    ৳ 1,150.00৳ 2,399.00

    MI WiFi Socket (Basic )

    ৳ 1,150.00৳ 2,399.00

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